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Installation instructions


Recommendations for installing paving stones:

The area to be paved is measured and marked. The layers of soil that are influenced by frost heaving are stripped.

A layer of chippings or gravel (grain size 0–16 mm) is spread onto the dug-up area.

The gravel layer is evened out and compacted using a vibrating machine.

The supporting layer is covered by a 3–5 cm cushion of sand.

Paving stones are laid onto the evened out layer of sand, whereby the laying is begun from against the wall of the building.

Finally, dry sand is spread on the paving. The sand is then swept into the joints of the stones and the paving is compacted with a soil compactor weighing 80–100 kg.

In order to get a good result, the following should be noted:

Due to the rough climate, dampness and soil surface heaving in Estonia, the layers of soil influenced by frost heaving should be removed from under the paving to ensure its durability. The thickness of the underlay is determined by the nature of the soil and the purpose of the paving.

After finishing the underlay, the starting point for laying stones is determined and the area to be paved is divided into smaller sections, so that they can be paved one by one. With ground that is very soft it is recommended to start paving after it has had time to sink over the winter. 

Good tools make paving easier. You would need a shovel; wooden levelling boards or steel pipes with a 20–30 cm diameter; a stringline with stakes; a marking gauge or a levelling board; a screed, vibrating machine and spirit level to even out the cushion of sand; a cutting machine to cut stones; a big wooden or rubber hammer; a broom and definitely some decent working gloves.

At least 80 mm thick stones (UNI, UNI-DECOR, KARTANO) should be used for areas with heavy traffic.

Keep in mind that all cables and pipes should be installed whilst working on the underlay. Also, all final slopes of the paving should be planned out beforehand and worked into the underlay.

Stone paving services

 Services we offer:

  • Installing paving stones
  • Installing granite stones
  • Installing cobblestones
  • Installing limestones
  • Installing kerbstones
  • Installing lawn stones
  • Laying reclaimed asphalt
  • Laying gravel underlays
  • Pavement repairs
  • Building chain link fences
  • Landscaping
  • Transporting sand
  • Transporting gravel
  • Demolition work
  • Cleaning services after construction

Service pricelist

Laying paving stones, including a sand cushion on and excising gravel underlay by agreement
Laying paving stones, including a sand cushion and gravel underlay by agreement  
Laying stones, including a sand cushion and gravel underlay, with digging by agreement  
Installing kerbstones, includes all necessary materials by agreement  
Installing natural stone, includes all necessary materials by agreement  
Making a road using granite grit by agreement  
Earthwork and sowing grass seed by agreement