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About the company

Kiviabi, a trademark specialising in stone paved roads and courtyards, was established in 1999 and has since then paved approx. 1000 courtyards and roads, using both paving stones and natural stones. By today the company has a firm and stable standing on the Estonian market.

Our work takes place mainly in Tallinn and Harjumaa but we operate all across Estonia if necessary. We offer paving services for building companies, apartment associations and private persons as well.

We lay paving stones, natural stones and kerbstones, do landscaping and offer various snow clearing services during winter. We offer paving stones from various manufacturers, in different shapes and colours. Our services cover all the necessary works from initial measuring to maintenance after installation.

The objective of our company is to ensure modern quality solutions to all current and future clients. The ones helping us in this are our well-qualified and experienced workers.

Our strengths lay in our professional and flexible attitude, and the good price and quality ratio of our services. Our workers are professionals in what they do and they value their work as a welcome challenge, not a routine chore.

Over the years we have reached an excellent level thanks to our demanding clients who know to expect the highest of quality. By calling on us for stone works and snow cleaning, you can be assured of the best.

The key to ensuring our quality is in taking our client’s needs into consideration and ensuring they are satisfied with our work. We constantly grade and analyze all of our actions during the process. Our clients’ feedback to our work is definitely something that helps us change into something even better. 

We pay great attention to how we interact with the client and hold the cooperation between the client and builder in high regard. We always try to understand the client’s wishes and give advice where possible. 

During winter we will gladly offer snow cleaning services for both our current and new clients.


We hope to work with you soon!